Pregnant Women Advised Not To Use Pre-Heated Birthing Pools

On the 9th August 2017 Public Health England published guidance for midwives to advise pregnant women considering using a home birthing pool.

It states that following the discovery of a new born baby with Legionnaires’ disease thatLegionnaires’ disease has been associated with the use of a certain type of birthing pool.’ The birthing pools in question are ones that are pre-filled, potentially weeks in advance of labour, and are kept warm using heaters and recirculation pumps.

The guidance goes on to say that it is not all birthing pools are considered high risk and that traditional birthing pools that are filled once the woman goes into labour and not kept warm are considered safe. Fixed birthing pools in NHS units are also considered to be safe due to the strict control measures in place.


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£3m fine following death due to Legionnaires’ disease

An 86 year old resident of Hutton Village care home, a Bupa Care Home, in Brentwood died in June 2015 of Legionnaires’ disease. BUPA admitted Health and Safety breaches and samples taken from the bathroom taps were positive for legionella bacteria. The private care provider has been fined £3m over the death. For more information:

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Legionella Responsible Person Training

The Responsible Person “must be properly trained to a level that ensures tasks are carried out in a safe, technically competent manner; and receive regular refresher training. Keep records of all initial and refresher training.”   Our next Legionella Responsible Person training will be taking place on the 13th September 2018   Please contact me for more information and a quote. 

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Following routine water sampling legionella bacteria found again

Following the death of 69 year old Elaine Brown in September The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow closed until November. Unfortunately the legionella bacteria has been found in the water again and parts of the hotel will remain closed until precautionary works are carried out according to Shropshire Council and Public Health England. A resident at the hotel contracted Legionnaires’ disease in July but has since recovered. The hotel has now […]

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Weekly Flushing of infrequently used outlets Identify any water outlets that are not used each week. Remove any shower heads or spray taps. Run the water on a moderate flow at each outlet for a minimum of 2 minutes without creating an aerosol or spray. Record it on your weekly monitoring sheet, along with the date. Keep all Legionella records for 5 years.

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Illinois veterans home legionnaires’ disease outbreak.

February saw the 4th case of legionnaires’ disease at a state run veterans home in Quincey, USA. This is the latest in a series of outbreaks which began in 2015 and left 13 people dead and many more ill. The old pipes in the water system are being blamed as a breeding ground for bacteria, although $8 million was spent in August 2016 on updating the pipework and the system. […]

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