Pregnant Women Advised Not To Use Pre-Heated Birthing Pools

On the 9th August 2017 Public Health England published guidance for midwives to advise pregnant women considering using a home birthing pool.

It states that following the discovery of a new born baby with Legionnaires’ disease thatLegionnaires’ disease has been associated with the use of a certain type of birthing pool.’ The birthing pools in question are ones that are pre-filled, potentially weeks in advance of labour, and are kept warm using heaters and recirculation pumps.

The guidance goes on to say that it is not all birthing pools are considered high risk and that traditional birthing pools that are filled once the woman goes into labour and not kept warm are considered safe. Fixed birthing pools in NHS units are also considered to be safe due to the strict control measures in place.


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The updated BS 8580–1:2019

BS 8580 was first published in 2010 and provided a guide to risk assessments performed with the intention to identify and manage risks associated with Legionnaires disease. The standard has been renamed (from BS 8580 to BS 8580–1) and revised to align it with the HSE ACoP L8 (4th edition) (Approval code of Practice) and associated guidance documents such as HSG 274 (Legionnaires’ disease – Technical guidance) which were revised […]

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Two Cases of Legionnaires’ disease reported at a Chicago Hospital

The Illinois Department of Public Health are working with the Chicago Department of Public Health to carry out tests on the water system at the Mercy Hospital & Medical Centre in Chicago to see if there are Legionella bacteria present. Details on the patients have not yet been released. The hospital has carried out a thorough flushing regime and has taken steps to repair or replace water fixtures.

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Council Fined £27,000 following Legionnaires’ disease outbreak

Further to the Nemco Utilities post in December 2016 Tendring District Council has been fined when a man contracted Legionnaires’ Disease after using the showers at a council run leisure centre. At the hearing the court was told that after the legionella management programme was brought in house the staff carrying out the controls were not trained properly. The court heard that this had been the situation for nearly 10 […]

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Hospital bans use of showers due to Legionnaires’ disease outbreak

Patients have tested positive for Legionnaires ‘disease in and American hospital in Madison. 11 people have contracted the disease and one person has died. Changes to the water system may be the cause and tests are being carried out to confirm the origin of the outbreak. While the exact cause is still under investigation the hospital took the decision to reduce water flow at low demand times and the cases […]

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