Pregnant Women Advised Not To Use Pre-Heated Birthing Pools

On the 9th August 2017 Public Health England published guidance for midwives to advise pregnant women considering using a home birthing pool.

It states that following the discovery of a new born baby with Legionnaires’ disease thatLegionnaires’ disease has been associated with the use of a certain type of birthing pool.’ The birthing pools in question are ones that are pre-filled, potentially weeks in advance of labour, and are kept warm using heaters and recirculation pumps.

The guidance goes on to say that it is not all birthing pools are considered high risk and that traditional birthing pools that are filled once the woman goes into labour and not kept warm are considered safe. Fixed birthing pools in NHS units are also considered to be safe due to the strict control measures in place.


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Legionella outbreak at Disneyland Anaheim theme park in California

10 people were hospitalised and 1 person died after having visited the park in September. Two cooling towers had to be shut down when it was discovered that they were contaminated with the legionella bacteria. The cooling towers have since been treated to kill the bacteria. Legionella had previously been discovered and also treated during routine sampling and monitoring. The cooling towers are now back in service.

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Legionnnaires’ Disease Confirmed at Burton Upon Trent Hotel

The Three Queens Hotel in Burton Upon Trent has been closed recently following an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease. The two people who contracted the disease are doing well and have both recovered. Environmental Health officers have been involved in testing the water. It is believed that one of the people contracted Legionnaires’ Disease after using the shower. Showers create an aerosol and if the legionella bacteria are present it can […]

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Hotel guest dies of Legionnaires’ disease

A guest has died of Legionnaires’ disease at a hotel, with others who have stayed there warned to see if they have any symptoms. One other guest, who stayed there at a different time, is said to have been treated for the same illness but has now recovered. Both of those who fell ill were from Merseyside and had stayed at the Feather’s Hotel in Ludlow, Shropshire. ‘Sadly, the most recently diagnosed […]

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Legionnaires Disease Confirmed Case From Garden Hose

In February 2017 Stephen Clements, a 63 year old retired builder from Cromer in Norfolk, died from Legionnaires’ disease. It is suspected that he caught the disease by inhaling the mist caused by the spray attachment on his garden hose. According to reports Mr Clements had an underlying heart condition. He died a week after contracting the disease. Earlier in the year he had been using the hose to clear […]

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Legionnaires confirmed at Rutland retirement development

19 May A resident at a retirement development in Rutland has tested positive for Legionnaires’ disease. A number of potential sources at Ranksborough Hall Park in Langham have been tested to try and identify the source of infection. So far, tests have shown Legionella bacteria at one source. Public Health England has said the area was immediately treated. Rutland County Council is now working with the site owner to monitor […]

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