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Legionnaires Disease Confirmed Case From Garden Hose

In February 2017 Stephen Clements, a 63 year old retired builder from Cromer in Norfolk, died from Legionnaires’ disease. It is suspected that he caught the disease by inhaling the mist caused by the spray attachment on his garden hose. According to reports Mr Clements had an underlying heart condition. He died a week after contracting the disease. Earlier in the year he had been using the hose to clear […]

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Legionnaires confirmed at Rutland retirement development

19 May A resident at a retirement development in Rutland has tested positive for Legionnaires’ disease. A number of potential sources at Ranksborough Hall Park in Langham have been tested to try and identify the source of infection. So far, tests have shown Legionella bacteria at one source. Public Health England has said the area was immediately treated. Rutland County Council is now working with the site owner to monitor […]

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Melbourne • March 2017

Three men and two women ranging from 51 to 71 years of age were hospitalized with Legionnaires’ disease in late March to early April. All five reported spending time in the eastern end of Melbourne’s central business district in the days before onset of illness. One of the patients required life support in intensive care but all have been discharged. Authorities are sampling in search for the source and have […]

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Recent Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreaks

Mihara, Japan • March 2017 Legionella was detected in 39 people who complained of pneumonia-like symptoms after visiting an onsen in Mihara, Japan. An onsen is a Japanese hot spring and the bathing facilities and inns frequently situated around them. As a volcanically active country, Japan has thousands of onsens scattered throughout all of its major islands. 37 people were hospitalized, including a man in his 50s who has died. […]

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